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In addition to our expanding range of standard products, Nutrel provides a unique service which combines chemical analysis with our ability to custom blend formulations, to meet the specific needs of individual farmers.

Working with a highly-respected independent laboratory, we can provide a totally analytical approach to solving specific nutrient deficiencies which can seriously reduce crop quality and yields, and increase susceptibility to disease and attack by pests. Tests can include tissue analysis, soil analysis, nutrient solution analysis, and irrigation and spray tank water supply analysis.

A computerised interpretation of results and the services of one of our experienced agronomists help farmers to determine the best treatment and then, using our own manufacturing facilities, we can produce the "prescription" blend to solve the problem.

The service is designed to provide farmers with fast and accurate answers to problems and the means to solve them.

Blending Service

Where farmers have specific problems, we are able to offer customised solutions.

Analyses (of tissue, soil, nutrient solution and water supply), undertaken by a respected, independent laboratory, highlight nutrient deficiencies or excesses which can affect both crop quality and yield.
Our team of agronomists then work with the farmer to determine the best course of action to overcome the problem and, where necessary, we have the in-house facilities to custom blend nutrient formulations that will solve the problem.

Our prescription blending service is unique and is designed to provide farmers with economically viable solutions to their problems.

Nutrel Analysis


Nutrient deficiencies and excesses can seriously reduce both crop quality and yields while increasing the susceptibility to disease and pest attack. Precise identification of problem areas allows preventative action to be taken, by means of a carefully planned crop nutrition programme.

Tissue analysis should be used to carry out a spot-check on nutrient status and soil analysis, to determine the relative levels of all the essential elements.

Analysis of spray tank water supply and irrigation water can identify factors leading to detrimental pesticide hydrolysis or application of unwanted elements.

Nutrient solution analysis can help to ensure the correct fertiliser balance in NFT/Rockwool enterprises.

A computerised interpretation of the analytical results provided by a wholly independent laboratory, backed-up by the services of an experienced agronomist, enables the farmer to determine the best treatment to solve the problem.

Often, the deficiency of an essential element does not occur alone, other nutrients may be deficient or in excess. The application of only one nutrient may increase growth rate and cause a nutrient, which is borderline, to become deficient. Therefore, the status of all the nutrients should be monitored together so that application of one element does not reduce the availability of another (the 'Principal of Limiting Factors').

Analyses Available:


N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn.


P, K, Ca, Mg, S, B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn, pH, Lime required, OM.


NH4-N, NO3-N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Na, SO4-S, B, Cl, Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, HCO3, Conductivity.

SAP NITRATE: NO3-N using Merk strips and Nitracheck reflectometer.

All Nutrel Analytical Service soil reports are held in our computer records for four years, after which customers are advised that the field should be re-analysed. If fields are not limed (or subject to excessive applications of manure), soil levels do not fluctuate wildly, so for the 3 years following the original analysis, each year we can advise what crop treatments are suitable, if the customer tells us what crop he intends to grow.

Organic Services

For the first time, a full range of analytical services for the organic growing sector. These are offered via Nutrel but are provided by the UK’s leading independent laboratory.

Specialist analytical protocols have been designed for organic growers, covering comprehensive investigative analysis for soil, plant tissue, water, composts and fertilisers and potential pathogens and toxins. Residue and microbial assays are available with interpretation of the results.

Nutrient Management

Based on comprehensive analyses, recommendations and long-term action plans can be prepared to optimise nutrient recovery, performance and disease resistance. This service includes approved fertiliser programmes, composting, nutrient budgets and soil management.

Our specialist agronomists can also offer advice and planning for conversion to organic production and biological programmes for weed and pest control. This can be provided on a one-off basis or as part of a full agronomy scheme costed on a ‘per acre’ basis.


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