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Maximising Crop Potential

NuGro Range

NuGro Range

Complete, high performance organic plant and crop nutrients in liquid form

NuGro: Complete, High-Performance Organic Plant and Crop Nutrients in Liquid Form

A range of exceptionally effective and easy to apply liquid fertilisers, suitable for use on organically and conventionally grown crops.

NuGro fertilisers promote healthy, hardy growth and improve resistance to disease and pests.  Use of these fertilisers has been shown to increase crop yield and quality and to increase fruit BRIX levels.

These liquid fertilisers are quick and easy to apply using conventional spraying equipment.  They spread well and are formulated to stick to foliage and resist wash-off to provide maximum uptake of nutrients by the plant.

NuGro is now available in the following analyses:
6-2-4 and 4-2-6: Approved for use in Organic Systems for crops.

8-8-7 and 7-2-2: Approved for restricted use in Organic Systems for crops, subject to approval by certification body.

NuGro 8:8:7 (Original Fish Blood and Bone)

High-Nitrogen feed with generous levels of trace elements, containing micronised fish / plant proteins and amino acids.

Analysis (w/w):

8.0% N, 7.8% P2O5, 7.2% K2O

1.3% Ca, 2.7% SO3, 0.3% MgO

718 mg/kg Fe, 157 mg/kg Mn, 55 mg/kg Zn, 73 mg/kg Cu, 156 mg/kg B, 90 mg/kg B

Ideal "tonic" for crops growing in cold, wet or waterlogged soils.

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NuGro 4:2:6


Similar benefits to NuGro 8:8:7. Formulated entirely from plant extracts. 

Analysis (w/w):

4.0% N, 2.0% P2O5, 6.0% K2O

150 mg/kg Fe, 20 mg/kg Mn, 4 mg/kg Zn, 3 mg/kg Cu, 8 mg/kg B, 2 mg/kg Mo

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NuGro 6:2:4

Formulated entirely from plant extracts. 

Analysis (w/w):

6.2% N, 2.1% P2O5, 4.0% K2O

100 mg/kg Fe, 20 mg/kg Mn, 25 mg/kg Zn, mg/kg Cu, 75 mg/kg B, 2 mg/kg Mo

NuGro 6-2-4 also provides calcium benefits to developing fruitlets

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NuGro 7:2:2


Formulated entirely from plant proteins. 

Analysis (w/w):

7.2% N, 2.2% P2O5, 2.4% K2O

200 mg/kg Fe, 30 mg/kg Mn, mg/kg Zn, mg/kg Cu, 10 mg/kg B, 2 mg/kg Mo

High-N delivery for plants and crops

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Approved for use in organic systems our range of micronutrients include Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Boron and Molybdenum.

Supplied as either powder or liquid, these micronutrients should be used as dictated by analysis of growing medium or plant tissue.

*Please ask for advice.


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