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  • One application per growing season
  • Available in liquid and granular form
  • Provides rapid, even wetting and re-wetting, reducing dry patch and compost shrinkage
  • Safe and effective – fully trialed and tested-

Features and Benefits

  • Horti-wet is super concentrated, low foaming and very easy to mix in both liquid or granular form
  • Extremely safe - trials have shown no toxicity at recommended rates or above
  • Fast acting and durable – even after months of drying and wetting cycles• Ensures even penetration and distribution of water and nutrients in growing media
  • Ideal for all growing systems as it improves water uptake and maximises MHC (moisture holding capacity)
  • Extremely cost effective – saving both water and labour costs
  • Maximises water management in and out of the pot
  • Rates can be adjusted to increase/decrease longevity

Horti-Wet is available in both liquid and granular form. The product is ideal for mixing, top dressing and can be incorporated into any fertigation programme. Only one application per season is required.

Hortifeeds Horti-Wet has been developed for use as a long-term wetting agent on all growing media from peat, peat/bark to coir and hydroponic systems. It ensures maximum water management, rapid and even wetting and rewetting and significantly reduces dry patches and compost shrinkage.

Horti-Wet has the unique ability to be loaded to last from 3 to 12 months, making it the ideal, cost effective choice for all crops.

Application Rates

Liquid Formulation
Add 25-100ml of Horti-Wet per cubic metre of compost or growing substrate.

To achieve this, dilute Horti-Wet at an 80:1 dilution rate (100ml in 8 litres of water). This should then be sprayed into 1000 litres of compost during mixing to ensure even distribution. For all other volumes of compost (i.e. bale quantities) the rate of incorporation needs to be changed pro rata while still adhering to the same dilution rate.For use in fertigation

Many growers prefer to add wetting agent at the initial watering stage. Horti-Wet should be applied at the rate of 25-100ml per 1000 litres of compost, and may be applied by dilutor/injector at 250ml - 1 litre per 60 litres of stock solution and diluted at 1% (1:100). This rate can also be used when treating containerised stock over multiple seasons or on prepared beds where water management is important.Granular

This formulation of Horti-Wet (Horti-Wet granular) has proven to be extremely popular as a compost incorporated wetter. Its dry formulation on mini vermiculite is very easily mixed into compost without the need for additional water, making it ideal for the smaller grower or where watering compost during mixing is not advised or difficult.It is also ideal for top dressing containerised stock in situ or field grown stock and on any open beds.For compost incorporation, mix 125g – 500g per cubic metre of compost or substrate and for top dressing containerised stock, apply at a rate of 0.12g – 0.5g per litre of pot. For top-dressing on the ground use at a rate of 12g – 25g per square metre.

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