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NuGro Range

NuGro Range

Complete, high performance organic plant and crop nutrients in liquid form

NuGro: Complete, High-Performance Organic Plant and Crop Nutrients in Liquid Form

Our original NuGro was (and still is) imported from New Zealand; An 8% N – 7% P2O5 – 7% K2O liquid fertiliser based on fishmeal, it is recognised as the best organic fertiliser available, and is the market leader.

Being a fixed single analysis product, however, it does not meet every requirement, and for this reason Nutrel provide a range of organic fertilisers from our own Soil Association-approved facility in Kettlethorpe, Lincolnshire.

Now available in a range of analyses, to meet a range of nutritional requirements, NuGro is taken up rapidly by both foliage and roots, to provide beneficial results quickly and economically.

NuGro is now available in the following analyses:


NuGro 8:8:7 (Original Fish Blood and Bone)

High-Nitrogen feed with generous levels of trace elements, containing micronised fish / plant proteins and amino acids.

Analysis (w/w):

8.0% N, 7.8% P2O5, 7.2% K2O

1.3% Ca, 2.7% SO3, 0.3% MgO

718 mg/kg Fe, 157 mg/kg Mn, 55 mg/kg Zn, 73 mg/kg Cu, 156 mg/kg B, 90 mg/kg B

Ideal "tonic" for crops growing in cold, wet or waterlogged soils.

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NuGro 4:2:6


Similar benefits to NuGro 8:8:7. Formulated entirely from plant extracts. 

Analysis (w/w):

4.0% N, 2.0% P2O5, 6.0% K2O

150 mg/kg Fe, 20 mg/kg Mn, 4 mg/kg Zn, 3 mg/kg Cu, 8 mg/kg B, 2 mg/kg Mo

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NuGro 6:2:4

Formulated entirely from plant extracts. 

Analysis (w/w):

6.2% N, 2.1% P2O5, 4.0% K2O

100 mg/kg Fe, 20 mg/kg Mn, 25 mg/kg Zn, mg/kg Cu, 75 mg/kg B, 2 mg/kg Mo

NuGro 6-2-4 also provides calcium benefits to developing fruitlets

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NuGro 7:2:2


Formulated entirely from plant proteins. 

Analysis (w/w):

7.2% N, 2.2% P2O5, 2.4% K2O

200 mg/kg Fe, 30 mg/kg Mn, mg/kg Zn, mg/kg Cu, 10 mg/kg B, 2 mg/kg Mo

High-N delivery for plants and crops

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Approved for use in organic systems our range of micronutrients include Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Boron and Molybdenum.

Supplied as either powder or liquid, these micronutrients should be used as dictated by analysis of growing medium or plant tissue.

*Please ask for advice.


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