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Analytical Services

For the first time, a full range of analytical services for the organic growing sector. These are offered via Nutrel but are provided by the UK’s leading independent laboratory.

Specialist analytical protocols have been designed for organic growers covering comprehensive investigative analysis for soil, plant tissue, water, composts and fertilisers and potential pathogens and toxins. Residue and microbial assays are available with interpretation of the results.

Nutrient Management

Based on comprehensive analyses, recommendations and long term action plans can be prepared to optimise nutrient recovery, performance and disease resistance. This service include approved fertiliser programmes, composting, nutrient budgets and soil management.

Our specialist agronomists can also offer advice and planning for conversion to orga nic production and biological programmes for weed and pest control. This can be provided on a one-off basis or as part of a full agronomy scheme costed on a ‘per acre’ basis.