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Self-felting wool pellet mulch and growth stimulant

Manufactured in pellet form using pure organic natural fibres, Wulpak 2 is the ideal choice as a mulch / soil conditioner for any type or size of pot or planter.

The pellets are spread in a thin layer around the base of the plant(s) and, as water is added, the woollen fibres bind together to form a perfect-fit blanketright to the edge of the pot.

The blanket absorbs and retains moisture and effectively prevents the establishment of weeds. It also protects plants and roots against extremes of heat or cold.

The fibres are natural protein which, over an extended period, biodegrade and release nitrogen to the soil, effectively acting as a slow-release nutrient. For this reason some growers use Wulpak 2 as a soil conditioner as well as a mulch.


  • Tested in the UK, Europe and North America, Wulpak 2 trial results show:

  • Increased growth of trials plants by 30 – 100%

  • Reduced compaction of growing media

  • Reduced water loss via evaporation of 30 – 60% when used as a mulch

  • Increased moisture retention when used as a soil additive

  • Effective weed control – particularly of moss and algae

  • Ideal mulch for use with drip irrigation systems – water is quickly absorbed.


Cuttings, propagation,
Apply as thin layer over media
surface (3 – 5 litres/m2)
Trees and weed control
Use 5 – 1l litres per m2
Media conditioner
Use 3 – 5 litres per 100 litres
of growing media.

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