Nu-trel expertise rejuvenates ailing crop

The 960 acre Hirstwood Farm in Scunthorpe has been successfully growing wheat for over 20 years, so when the crop started to suffer with drought stress and lack of nitrogen uptake, farmer Richard Stubley called in Don Gilliat, an Agronomist at leading UK fertiliser supplier Nu-trel.

Don, who has been advising Mr Stubley for the last twenty years, visited the site, tested the soil, and then delivered his verdict - overly high levels of magnesium in the soil were locking up the potassium available to the plants, causing a nutrient deficiency in the crop.

Don advised Mr Stubley that a single application of foliar calcium on the crop would provide the solution – enabling the plants to utilise the nutrients available in the soil. “Balance of nutrients is the important factor. Calcium is often overlooked, but many soils with low calcium levels have a high magnesium level and poor, light, soil structure, which affect fertility and drainage,” he explained.

Following Don’s advice, Mr Stubley applied one litre of Nu-trel’s Nutrichel Calcium per acre and then 5kg of the company’s Nutrifol High K per hectare on his wheat crop. The crop improved rapidly, and a delighted Mr Stubley reported: “Just a few days after application there was a noticeable difference in the crop; plants showed a deep green foliage without any yellow tinges at all, and the field had evened up quite considerably.”

Mr Stubley has no hesitation in recommending Don’s services and continues to use his expertise and Nu-trel products in all divisions of his business, including an area of his land given over to a golf course.