Prize winning grower credits fertilisers with success

An amateur rose grower from Lincolnshire achieved phenomenal success in competitions, picking up an impressive seven prizes at a national rose show, and going on to win many more.

And Brian Schofield, a specialist competition judge and member of the Royal National Rose Society, credits a large part of this success to the use of a feeding regime which includes Nugro and Horticron fertilisers supplied by Lincolnshire-based Nu-trel.

Brian has been growing roses to competition standard for nearly 20 years, and a result of his new feeding regime is enjoying more success than ever. At one show he took first place in five classes, including a special “Star of the Show” accolade, and also received one third place certificate, which together netted him the cup for most points in his section.

Following this success, Brian went on to attend competitions all over the country, receiving numerous prizes along the way. “I was really pleased to win so many prizes,” he said. “I’m certain it’s got a lot to do with the feeding regime I’ve been using.”

Brian has been including Nugro – a liquid organic feed – as part of his regular spraying routine – a very necessary requirement needed to maintain the high standards reached when producing top quality roses for exhibiting at national level. “The results have been very impressive,” he said. “Foliage takes on a deeper, more lustrous, velvety sheen and both flower and foliage sizes have increased considerably.”

Last year, on the advice of Nick Mason, a technical expert with Hortifeeds, Brian also began using Horticron, a slow release nitrogen supplement. The added nitrogen encourages rich colour and shine in the leaves. This year Brian will be applying it more liberally to try and combat red spider mite as well.

Nick Mason said: “Nugro is a liquid suspension of fish meal, which contains naturally high levels of calcium and sulphur, two vital ingredients associated with plant health. Increased disease resistance is, we believe, a result of these nutrients in conjunction with the phyto-hormones and amino acids also present in the product.”

Brian has no hesitation in recommending both Nugro and Horticron to other rose growers – amateur and professional. Information about the products and availability can be obtained from Hortifeeds on 01552 704747.